It has been a long road to get to this point, but you finally made it! Seeing your future husband now, we are sure all the struggles and trials along the way make more sense. Keep this in mind in your marriage too. There are bound to be good times and bad times, but when you look back in the end, it will all be worth it. Congratulations!

There is no other time in a person’s life like the time spent engaged to be married to the one you love. It is almost magical when those stars finally align. All of life is spent searching for the one that your heart desires, and when that person is found, love takes control. Life is now rose colored. Everyday is musical. Butterflies constantly bubble up inside, and tickle you with anticipation of the years to come spent with your soulmate.


“Our sweet little girl has already grown into a mature lady.
Your new fiance is a great guy, and we cannot wait to welcome him to the family.
We will do everything we can to ensure a beautiful wedding celebration.
Best wishes for the life you are ready to start together.”

Mom, Dad

“When thinking of your special day
I hope it’s perfect in every way
From flowers to the wedding band
To the new sparkles on your hand
After all this time together
I hope you and your love last forever”


“On your way to being a bride
I have so much joy inside
And throughout all the commotion
I’ll contain all my emotions
I promise you I won’t cry
(Well, I can’t promise, but I’ll try)”